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  • Why should I hire a newborn nurse?
    Help...plain and simple! Parenthood is exhausting, especially in the early weeks of sleep deprivation and raging hormones. Let us help you with those diaper changes, cleaning pump parts, and newborn laundry all while you get some well deserved rest. Some parents choose to run quick errands (Target, know the essentials), take that coveted hot shower, or get some fresh air to feel rejuvenated. We are here to help both your physical and mental heath!
  • What hours are you available?
    We will work with you to develop a schedule that works best for your family. Day and Evening hours (minimum 6hr shift) Overnight (minimum 8hr shift)
  • How much does it cost?
    We have many options available. A few hours, multiple days, or even an all inclusive newborn package. Please contact us so we can find out which option would work best for your family!
  • How early in advance should I book a nurse?
    As early as possible! We love to book in advance to provide you the best care possible.
  • This is my first baby, how involved will you be?"
    We love to be hands on and help our new families! We will educate, support, demonstrate, and encourage you however possible. Some of our common tasks include diaper changes, feeding (either bottle or preparing them to nurse with mom), burping, swaddling, soothing to sleep, newborn laundry, washing bottles/pump parts. We will also help mom with recovery, lactation, emotional support and most importantly rest!
  • How often do you come?
    As much as you want! We can come one or multiple days. Our most popular option is one of our newborn packages.
  • What is the Baby Basics class?
    A super fun class for all new parents! Included with our newborn package or can also be purchased separately. During this instructional class we will go over all of your baby gear (breast pump, car seat, etc). Amy will also demonstrate diaper changes, swaddling, newborn baths, setting up the nursery/monitors, and any other questions you can think of to prepare for the arrival of your baby!
  • Can I purchase services as a gift?
    Of course! Gift certificates are available and we can even be added to your baby registry!
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