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Amy Horner BSN, RN 

Owner/CEO of The Baby Nurse LLC

    Amy is a registered nurse and mom of three.  After working in the NICU for 8 years, private night nursing for a medically complex child, and raising kids of her own, Amy has collected years of knowledge working with postpartum mothers and newborns.  She is invested in the physical and mental well being of new  families and strives to make the transition to parenthood as stress free as possible.  While discharging many new parents, Amy realized the vast majority of them were scared and overwhelmed. Prolonged support and education during the postpartum phase quickly became her passion.  Whether it is lactation support, changing diapers, or simply washing bottles, Amy will develop a plan to help you thrive instead of survive.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, let the baby nurse be a part of yours! 

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